125ml Pet Drinking Hanging Water Bottles Dispenser

125ml Pet Drinking Hanging Water Bottles Dispenser

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The water bottle is made of plastic and metal, including a soft iron wire, which can be hung or tied. It is guaranteed not to leak and allows you to easily monitor your pet's liquid intake. It is also good for observing the cleanliness of the water. The stainless steel cap also offers protection again gnawing hamsters. The capacity graduation printed on the bottle indicates the correct level for filling.


- Color: Random color.
- Material: Plastic, metal.
- Bottle blade length: 13cm, diameter: 4cm.
- Capacity :125ml.
- Great pet drinking hanging water bottles for your favorite rabbits, hamsters.
- Instructions for use:
1. When the water filled bottle, check the seal is intact, and the toothed side facing the bottle tighten.
2. Please firmly tighten the cap, and then the bottle upright.
3. Just filled with water, due to the air pressure inside the bottle by the impact, there will be water droplets from the tube drops out, then play the ball a few finger under clear, let off excess water from the fluid in the pipe in order to reduce pressure on the bottle, if does not leak. It can be used normally.