Pet Grooming Comb/Brush

Pet Grooming Comb/Brush

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With beads installed of pet comb for daily combing  hair of small dog or cat is the primary and effective tool keeping pets healthy and hygienic. A perfect  precaution for avoiding dead hair.


- Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel pin.
- Size: 9.5*5.5*13cm (L*W*H).
- Removes dead hair loose. remove Hair Spill Pets animal.
- Comfortable handle bar, easy to hold and use.
- Keep your pet well-groomed. Hair gentle care of your pet.
- To accommodate all sizes of dogs and cats.
- Hair cleaning suitable pet is the key to maintaining vigorous good health of your pet.
- It can be used to massage your pets, and pets will start to relax under the movement of the brush.